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10 Wonders of Melinjo Fruit for Health


Aug 28, 2021
10 Wonders of Melinjo Fruit for Health
Have you ever eaten melinjo? Or at least a product produced from melinjo material? Some very famous products from Melinjo for example are chips or other creations. Melinjo is a fruit that is produced from the melinjo tree.
Melinjo trees including shade trees that grow in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. Melinjo trees have large upright stems with many branches filled with elongated small leaves. Melinjo tree height reaches 25 meters. Leaf character is smooth and has a soft surface. Young leaves have a light green color while older leaves can be bluish green.
Melinjo Fruit Character
Melinjo fruit grows in groups on the stem and stem branches. Melinjo fruit is wrapped in a thin skin on the outside and a hard skeleton in the layer after thin skin. Raw fruit has a green skin. Skin color will change from green, yellow and red after it is cooked. Ripe fruit can fall on its own without the need to be picked. Parts of melinjo fruit that can be used starting from the skin of the fruit for vegetables and snacks and fruit to be used as chips, vegetables and various other snack products. Seed size can vary from 1 cm to 3 cm.
Many people who do not like melinjo because it is rumored to often cause gout. When sufferers of high uric acid consume melinjo fruit, they will feel quick pain in the feet and hands that are symptoms of gout have risen. But apparently the benefits of melinjo are very good for the body, here are some of them:
1. Boosts Immunity
The highest natural content in melinjo fruit is an antioxidant ingredient. The benefits of antioxidants will work to attack all free radicals in the body and boost the immune system. The content of antioxidants found in melinjo fruit can work like vitamin C found in fruits.
2. Prevents Premature Aging
Premature aging can be caused by free radical attacks that can make the skin look older. Premature aging is characterized by increasingly wrinkled skin, dark spots and skin that is not elastic. Consumption of melinjo fruit regularly can prevent premature aging due to the content of natural antioxidants in melinjo fruit.
3. Natural Ingredients for Hypertension
Antioxidants found in the benefits of melinjo fruit are also very good for preventing high blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause complications such as stroke and heart disease. A special protein found in melinjo fruit can overcome the problem of high blood pressure. However, melinjo should not be consumed excessively.
4. Strengthening Memory
The content of antioxidants melinjo fruit can also help improve memory. This happens because the melinjo tree is one of the types of trees included in Ginko plants or plants that are indeed useful for improving memory. Melinjo fruit can strengthen memory because it can support the growth of active cells in the brain and blood.
5. Become a Natural Preservative
Extracts produced from melinjo fruit contain lots of flavonoids and natural antioxidants. These ingredients turn out to be excellent natural preservatives for preserving certain foods. The benefits of melinjo for health can reduce the potential for bacterial and fungal development in food. Even processed from melinjo does not require preservatives and can last a long time without mold or damage.
6. Increase Stamina
Melinjo fruit can be one snack that can really increase stamina. Melinjo fruit can be processed into various snacks in an easy way. This light snack is not only filling and low in calories but also makes the body more energized. When you are tired and not excited, try to consume chips or snacks prepared from melinjo fruit ingredients.
7. Smooth urine
When the urine is not smooth, all urinary systems can face problems. There are various causes such as bacteria and urinary system that are not smooth. To overcome this, you can consume melinjo fruit. However, if it is not effective, you can try using steam from boiled melinjo fruit.
8. Prevent Anemia
Anemia can occur because the body loses red blood cells which can cause there is not enough oxygen in the body. Then anemia will cause the body to become weaker, tired, and not excited. Headaches and dizziness are major disorders that cause the body to become weaker. Melinjo fruit consumption can increase the number of red blood cells so that it can help overcome anemia.
9. Treat Wounds
If you get a bite wound from a dog or other wound, it can be treated with melinjo fruit leaves. You can try to pound the melinjo leaves with garlic. Apply to the wound for a few moments then rinse with clean water. The wound will dry quickly due to the natural antioxidant content of the melinjo leaves.
10. Preventing Heart Disease
Heart disease is one of the highest causes of death in the world. This disease is not easy to recognize because often there are sudden symptoms and mild symptoms that are not easily seen. To overcome this, consuming melinjo fruit regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease. The content of antioxidants and flavonoids is very good for maintaining heart health

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