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Asal mula nama kota prabumulih (English version) Parentage of The Name of Kota Prabumulih (Mehabung Ule)


Mar 28, 2022
Asal mula nama kota prabumulih
Parentage of The Name of Kota Prabumulih (Mehabung Ule)
By: Awang darmawan (NIM: 0725008)

Student of English education of IAIN Raden Fatah Palembang

In South Sumatra province we can see a wealthy city that as the center of mining in western Indonesia. Not only mining this city produces some goods such as Rubber, pineapple, and oil palm. That is Kota Prabumulih. Although Kota Prabumulih is famous city but the parentage of its name is still mysterious. 
In the middle of south Sumatra province there is a rill which is named with Kelekar. Kelekar is watercourse of Musi River. In the river bank contained a small village. It is named Lubuk berenai. Lubuk berenai had been built by Puyang tegeri juriat puyang singe patih keban baru and Pendiri talang tulang babat in seven hundreds years ago. Lubuk berenai has been headed by Krio Budin Sususkan and Puyang dayan duriat puyang tegeri as Kepala Menyan in More than Two hundreds fourty years ago. As the head of that village he had four knights. They are Mingun, Dayan Risek and Jamik
In a day Krio Budin Sususkan has called his four knights. He said “my four brave knights. I command you to venture on the western of Lubuk berenai”. After hearing that direction Dayan asked to their chief “why did you command us to go there?” and Mingun said “but that place is dangerous place because there are still many wild animals there”. After that Krio Budin Sususkan said “I am going to make a state and that state will be a prosperous city”. And then Puyang dayan duriat puyang tegeri as Kepala Menyan interrupted the Krio Budin Sususkan’s statement “How can you change an infertile land to be a productive land”. Krio Budin Sususkan answered “by God bless we can make it”. Finally the four knights have done this direction to venture on that mysterious land.
 Then they have arrived to asked place. That place contained of wild animals and mysterious ways. This place is called with Bulu Mike. Bulu Mike is a mound or growing land. There they all have done Sedekah rimbe or a present of offspring for the god. They have dug the side of the Bulu mike, and then they have put it into kulak kayu. Afterward the mound has been restraghtened. Then Dayan has prayed to god to bless this land. After doing sedekah rimbe, the kulak kayu has been planted. For some days the land of buried kulak kayu has grown mysteriously. Seeing this way the four knights yelled “Mehabung Ule Kite tanahnye” (That land is growing palmly, we get prosperity of this land!!.
So the four knights have built four new villages. These villages have taken around the growing buried kulak kayu land. These are Kebur Bunggin, Anggun Dilaman, Kumpai Ulu and Karang Lintang. It is called with “Pehabung Ule or Prabumulih” then it becomes a wealthy city which as the center of mining in western Indonesia.

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