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benefits of pomegranate


Apr 9, 2022
In this modern era, pomegranates have been processed into various kinds
products, both health and beauty. Then anything
benefits of pomegranate for your skin beauty? Check out tips
Take care of the skin
Pomegranate turned out to be very rich in collagen. Collagen is
the basic components of skin that keep skin smooth and smooth
soft. Not only is it rich in collagen, compounds in pomegranate as well
helps cell growth
fibroplats. Fibroplats are cells
which has the task of producing elastin and its fibers
useful for keeping the skin smooth and tight. Fruit
pomegranate can also stimulate the process of keratinocyte poliferation. Process
This is the process of forming the outermost cells of the skin.
Helps cell regeneration
If you have spots on the face or skin, this could be it
signs if your skin starts to damage. When your skin has started
showing such signs, it is better to hurry up
consume pomegranate. This is because pomegranates can give
benefits to protect the layers of your skin and help
regenerate the skin on the inside layer of your skin. Content
Antioxidants in pomegranates can also help your skin
ward off free radicals caused by pollution.
Prevents premature aging
Do you want to look young? You exist
It is better to consume pomegranates. This fruit turned out
contains compounds that function to prevent aging
early. You can consume it in the form of juice or
in the form of oil. But you are advised to
just use the oil because it proves to be more effective. You
can rub pomegranate oil all over your body after
bath. By applying it regularly, your skin will
become firmer and look younger

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