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Contoh Penggunaan Gerund Dalam English Conversation


Jan 1, 2022

Oleh: Awang Darmawan. S.Pd

pola-pola kata kerja dengan bentuk “ing” (gerund).

Ada beberapa pola kata kerja dengan bentuk “ing” atau “gerund”.

Subject + verb + gerund

Pelajari kalimat-kalimat yang diberikan dibawah ini.

* Kokom began crying.
* Udin has finished speaking.
* I hate being late.
* You must not miss seeing him.
* Icih loves learning English.
* I enjoy eating getuk.
* I suggest consulting a doctor.
* Markonah kept saying that she hadn’t taken the money.
* I had finished working before they arrived.

Pada kalimat-kalimat yang diberikan diatas, gerund digunakan sebagai object dari kata kerja. Kata kerja umum yang digunakan dalam pola ini adalah: begin, start, love, like, hate, finish, stop, enjoy, fear, prefer, remember, mind, forget, suggest, miss, try, understand, practise, keep, help, advise, avoid, consider, delay, deny, intend.

Subject + verb + noun/pronoun + present participle

Pelajari contoh-contoh yang diberikan dibawah ini.

* I saw him jumping into the river.
* I can smell something burning.
* We watched him walking down the street.
* I caught him stealing my vegetables.
* They kept the fire burning.
* Please start the clock going.
* I heard him singing a song.
* I observed them playing.
* They left him starving in the desert.

Kata kerja umum yang dapat digunakan dalam pola ini adalah: hear, smell, sea, feel, watch, find, notice, observe, get, listen, keep, leave, set, start, get.

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