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Dwarf human tribes in Indonesia that have not yet become extinct


Feb 9, 2021
The author suspects that most of you have seen the film The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, which is a key to the dwarf’s key. The story illustrates how the world is divided into unique tribes and races. There are humans who tend to be greedy and fairy-haughty fairies and hobbits of the dwarf who sometimes have a lot of courage.
In the real world, dwarf humans have never and still exist on this earth. They are often referred to as pygmy because they have a very small body size compared to normal humans. At present, the existence of dwarf humans is widely available in Africa, Oceania, and parts of Asia.
Still about dwarf humans, Indonesia apparently had this tribe. Unfortunately their existence is extinct and has become a mystery until now. The following dwarf human tribe which is believed to have existed in Indonesia.
Uhan Pandak – Mount Kerinci, Jambi
Uhan Pandak is a term for Orang Pendek that is still trusted by people in the Mount Kerinci region, Jambi. In the past, many people living around the forest claimed to have seen this dwarf creature. That said, the height of this Short Person is only 70-130 cm with a full body once with black fur. At first glance, the shape of this creature is very similar to apes.
´┐╝ Short person [image source] For hundreds of years ago, several researchers were interested in finding the existence of this Short Person. Even National Geographic even sent a team to find the truth of the existence of this Short Person. Oh yes, even though physically they are very similar to humans, but they already have weapons like spears for hunting. A monkey can’t do this, right?
Ebu Gogo – Flores Island, NTT
Ebu Gogo is a short tribe that is said to live in the Flores Island region. Since time immemorial, residents of this region often see the appearance of Ebu Gogo who is said to have a height of less than one meter. They usually like to roam and will hide if they see people coming near him.
´┐╝Gogo Mother [image source] The truth about Evu Gogo may still be questioned. We can think of it as a fable or local mythology. However, in a cave on Flores actually found a skeleton very similar to humans. This fossilized skeleton is said to be thousands of years old and short in stature. Experts are still debating whether the fossil that was finally named Homo floresiensis was human or an ape.
Oni-Bone tribe, South Sulawesi
The Oni tribe is another pygmy nation that is said to have existed in Indonesia from tens to hundreds of years ago. They live in the forest and live in a cave. At present the existence of the Oni tribe is difficult to detect because they suddenly disappeared. Some say, the disappearance of the Oni tribe was caused by residents around the forest who did bad things to them.
UstrasiIllustration of the Oni Tribe Cave [image source] Long ago the villagers and the Oni Tribe were good friends. Unfortunately, residents often borrow goods and are not returned. Starting from here, the conflict was sparked and made the Oni tribe did not want to come out again. Oh yes, some people say that the Oni can be lured out by putting bananas in the mouth of the cave. Unfortunately, this method no longer works because the Oni tribe seems to know that they have been cheated.
The existence of this dwarf man is still a mystery until now. Some say they really exist and hide. But it is not uncommon for this dwarf to be considered merely a myth or folklore. Regardless of whether or not this dwarf is true, pygmy humans do exist because they have an oddity of genes in them.

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