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Herbal recovery


May 18, 2021
  Herbal recovery 
30 g of dried white cempaka flower
30 g of mint leaves
15 g of ginger
2 stems of garlic
Boil all ingredients with 800 cc of water
until the remaining 400 cc.
Drinking water 2 times a day of 200 cc each.
mint tea
Boil water until it boils.
Prepare a teapot / tea container and
Put the tea leaves in a teapot / tea holder.
After the water boils, add it
water into a teapot / tea container.
Add mint leaves. Stir briefly
and let it wither and mix well
along with tea leaves.
Wait until the aroma of tea and mint comes out.
Mint tea is ready to be served warm with a mixture
sugar that measures according to taste.
#ObatTr traditionalSinusitis

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