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Only In Indonesia You can Find this in your Lunch


Dec 22, 2022
By: Awang Darmawan, S.Pd
The culture of eating every nation is different. Westerners consume lots of meat and use forks and knives. The Japanese like raw seafood without any ripening process. Arabs and Indians like to consume bread with a mixture of curry sauce and served in large trays. The Chinese love to eat noodles in their daily life.
Indonesian also has some habits in eating. If you visit the Restauran in Indonesia you will find the following three things.

1. Lalapan
Lalapan is Vegetables and fruit served raw with staple food like rice. The Lalapan culture is known to originate from the Sundanese in West Java where the people there require vegetables or raw fruits on the table with rice and side dishes.

Here are some names of vegetables
long beans
Cassava leaves boiled

usually this vegetable is consumed by dicocolkan to sambal. for those of you who just tasted fresh vegetables. please be careful because some vegetables can cause side effects.
2. Sambal
Sambal or sambel is the oldest inheritance of Indonesian culinary. Sambal has existed since the royal period in Indonesia. Indeed Indonesian people can not be separated from sambal. sambal become mandatory menu that must exist at meal time. in many areas of his community loved the sambal even enjoy ice cream also using sambal. according to Saniani Ganie cultural researcher. there are 100 types of sambal that exist in Indonesia and even each province has its own recipe sauce.
Some kind of chilli

Sambal Terasi 
Sambal Cenge 
Sambal Tumis 
sambal Soto Mi 
Sambal Soto Kediri
Sambal Soto Pekalongan 
Sambal Soto Banjar
Sambal Soto Buwono 
Sambal Soto Sambutan Sukaraja Sambutan Sambung Sambung 
Sambal tempoyak 
Sambal kemang 
Sambal Lado Uap 
Sambal Ikan Teri Asin Sambal Petis Udang 
Sambal Lada Petis 
Sambal Goreng Peris 
Sambal Lada Tomat 
Sambal Jeruk Mentah 
Sambal Terung Bakar 
Sambal Lada Balimbiang 
Sambal Seruit 
Sambal belimbing 
Sambal Tauco 
Sambal Pencit Mangga Muda

Sambal is made from chili that is ground and given a special spice then there are some kind of sautéed sauces. Sambal can be found in Various Restauran Indonesia and for those of you who have recently visited Indonesia are asked to be careful when eating sambal because it can cause digestive problems.
3. Kerupuk
Kerupuk are the most popular food of Indonesian society. If you visit the restaurant of Indonesia you will be able to see a pile of small flat-shaped food fried on a table or in a jar. Certainly is a cracker.
According to folklore Kerupuk Derived from a very poor family. Because they could not afford to buy the side dish, the family took the initiative to cut the cassava into a small flake and fry it with a crisp then make a side dish for the family.

each region in Indonesia has a characteristic of each cracker.

Kerupuk Kulit
Kerupuk Blek 
Kerupuk Daun Bambu Kerupuk Pangsit 
Kerupuk Jawer Nanggerang kerupuk Bawang
Kerupuk Kulit Pisang 
Kerupuk Getas 
Kerupuk Jengkol
Kerupuk orong-orong
Kerupuk Kemplang 
Kerupuk Puli
Kerupuk Tette 
Kerupuk Kulit 
Kerupuk Jangek
Kerupuk Udang 
Kerupuk Tahu 
Kerupuk Gendar 
Kerupuk Emping

The ingredients of the crackers are Tapioca Starch plus various spices. in some areas added milled fish or shrimp milled. then the dough in a flat piece then dried and fried or roasted.
To the tourists are expected to be careful with culinary Indonesia because if you are not familiar you will experience side effects from the food. 
let’s visit Indonesia. Enjoy the natural charm,  the hospitality of the community. Let’s go to Indonesia.

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