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Ramadhan Vocabulary


Nov 15, 2021

Oleh: Yensi Harahap

Istilah-istilah yang digunakan dalam bulan puasa

Puasa = fasting, fast (noun)

Puasa = fasting, fast, fasted (verb)

Buka puasa = iftar

Buka puasa bersama = gathering of iftar

Selamat berpuasa = happy fasting

Selamat Ramadan = Happy Ramadhan

Sahur =  sehri

Warning signal = imsak

Passing time before maghrib = ngabuburit

let’s have iftar together = bukber

Where will we have our iftar today = mau buka puasa dimana hari ini..

I got this vocabulary from my tutor in pare

I am fasting now = aku lagi puasa

Are you fasting now? = kamu lagi puasa ya?

When will we make gathering of iftar? = kapan kita akan buka puasa bersama?

I wanna join with you in gathering of iftar = aku ingin ikut denganmu buka puasa bersama

Happy iftar = selamat berbuka puasa
sahur = predawn of meal and breaking the fast = buka puasa.

Because I know it from muslims who live in Uk and Usa, they are pakistani descents or arabian who lives there and call like that.

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