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Sate or Satay A delicious Cuisine from Indonesis


Apr 14, 2021
Satay is actually a modification of kebabs from India. Indonesia’s strategic location and destination for cloth traders from India and Middle Eastern countries is the background for the birth of satay. Satay is a food from the evolution of kebabs from India, Turkey and Arab countries. People from these countries usually consume various types of kebabs, one type is skewered and baked like satay, not like kebabs sold in Indonesia.
The ancient Indonesian people did not recognize the system of cooking meat by burning. Usually they cook it by boiling it. After the merchants from India and the Middle East came, then the Indonesian people began to follow how to cook meat by burning.
The name sate is thought to originate from the Tamil Indian language, catai which means meat. Over time the word catai evolved into satay adapted to the local tongue and the name has survived until now.
Source: idntimes.com
Photo: satay seller in Java in 1900

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