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Sekolh Islam Terpadu within Pancasila education philosophy


Mar 17, 2023
Analysis on Sekolah Islam terpadu through Islamic philosophy of education.
By : Awang darmawan

Absolutely all mankind in the world want to be a good people and get liberty. But how can we get it?. The answer is education. Education is the process of old man put in the lesson to young man in order the young man finds perfect life. In other words Education is the process that make an human find the truth. it is not only thought us way of live and also affect values.
Recently these are many moral problem appears in our surrounding. Free sex, corruption, drugs and criminality are as the little example. These which become a big problem are problem of entire world. Ironically it is done by educated person. Now as common people we ask where is the function of education.
In practice the common school only emphasizes in science aspect, yet in old form of Islamic education in practice is Pondok Pesantren only offers the religion aspect.
So the common school only produces scientist and Pondok Pesantren only produces the pious man. This problems above make a unbalance education.
This question is tried to answer by Sekolah Islam Terpadu (SIT). SIT’s concept is combination between the science and values of religion. So its goal is make a good human who able in science and also has good behavior. All of their life is basic on religion values.
1. Purpose of Sekolah Islam terpadu
Appearing the syndrome of Secularization in science and partial education have born some problems in education sector. Partial or unbalance education is caused by emphasizing only on cognitive aspect; consequently. Our education has produced success man only in academic score but not in affective and psychomotor aspect. With that education system a country will get smart person yet in less in religion values. For example a gynecologist can do abortion although it is prohibited by Rule and religion’s law.
These ways is not expected by Islam because Islamic education teaches balance education not only smart but also belief. If we can do Islamic education’s goal we will produce perfect human in which expected by people. There is not Conflict between the science and religion in Islam thought. Islam explains that Tauhid or Faith is base of science. Zuhairini said a Religion is an orientation of people to do their life and perspective of life (Zuhairini: 24, 57) the meaning above shows there is not partial or secular education and Conflict between the science and religion in Islam thought. Islam expects integral education.
This Islamic education philosophy is actualized Through Sekolah Islam terpadu (SIT). Sekolah Islam terpadu (SIT) emphasizes on optimalize to cognitive aspect, affective aspect and psychomotor (Heri sucipto). It is same to Pancasila Education Philishopy which expect to produce educated human grounded on faith of Allah SAW. Sekolah Islam terpadu (SIT) implement education grounded on Al Quran and As Sunnah and it expect human appropriate to Islam natural characteristic.
2. Progress of child’s psycho and child’s physic
Concerned to Progress of child’s psycho and child’s physic SIT offers new concept that different with concept offered by common school. It tries to fulfill its curriculum and method to Islamic values.
a. Method
“by right born baby except it has brought Fitrah islam, so the parents makes that child believes in other belief” (brought by MUSLIM)
According to this hadist we can see that psycho and child’s physic are extremely influenced by people around or surrounding. For example a child which is taken care in Islamic values will be a man who posses attitude synchronizing to Islamic values.
This concept is same to Tabularasa in which states growth of man is influenced by their environment. So that SIT offers new methods. This method asks not only teacher in class as educator but also the environment including parents have to actively participate to educate their son. In other word school, home and society have to actively participate for Progress of child’s psycho and child’s physic
b. Curriculum
We has discussed above that the purpose of SIT is combining science to religion values; consequently .its curriculum or lesson material is emphasizing at intelligence, psycho and physic or aqliah, ruhiyah and jasadiyah. For instant a physics material lesson is synchronized to some related al quran statement.
SIT does educate child becoming intellectual man who has strong and health body also has belief respect to religion values. Good attitude, health body and smart in science.
3. Taxonomy bloom
Based on Bloom’s statement classification of education purpose is classified into three classification or domain. These are Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. (wina sanjaya: 2008, 125).
  1. Cognitive
In cognitive aspect, SIT wants to educate student becoming growing intelligence man. Common acknowledges is given to them, the different is the lessons followed by statement from al Quran and Sunnah in the lesson material. It is also aimed to synchronize science and Islamic values with a purpose to produce educated and intellectual man which applied the religion values. Method used is up to school application.
  1. Affective
In affective aspect, SIT produces a student which has Islamic personality and makes quality of belief to Allah SWT. Affective aspect is developed by high quality of Islamic values with purpose to construct good attitude.
Method used is not only developed inside of classroom or lesson material applied but also through example the teacher’s attitude. Teacher directs the students attitude and behavior to the truth through example.
  1. Psychomotor
Sekolah islam terpadu (SIT) in psychomotor aims to make a man who has health, fitness and skill in daily life. Formation of Psychomotor is implicated such as Music art, Painting, language skill and sport. Formation of Psychomotor is synchronized to Islamic values which are related to this material. Method used is practicing directly or it is including in extracurricular.

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