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Seven typical foods from palembang. enjoy culinary tour in palembang South Sumatera Indonesia


Jun 30, 2022
By : Awang Darmawan, S.Pd
In addition to Pempek, This some culinary delights typical of Palembang
Perhaps people only know that pempek as a typical culinary community of Palembang. but in palembang itself there are many culinary choices that are delicious and able to pamper the tongue of the audience.

1. Tekwan
Tekwan is made from a mixture of fresh fish  milled or milled shrimp and tapioca starch Just like pempek but its shape is smaller round or long. serving tekwan same as meatballs served with broth sauce or broth stock broth.

2. Model
Perhaps the word model in Palembang has its own meaning and different from the understanding of Indonesian society generally. The model is the same as pempek but there are contents in the model. usually a model filled with eggs, tofu even cheese. The model is served with broth sauce or fish broth

3. Celimpungan
The material and its shape is the same as tekwan but the presentation together with coconut milk mixed with some typical spices. But the Celimpungan is only served in Ramadan so it is quite difficult for us to find the Celimpungan in the day usually.
4. Laksan
Laksan is made from a mixture of milled fish and tapioca flour. the shape is long flat and served with milk sauce mixed with shrimp broth. usually only served in sacred moments just like weddings and pickles custom way.

5. Kemplang Panggang
Culinary this one is a very popular snack many circles. basic ingredients Kemplang bake same as pempek made from mixture of fish or shrimp milled and tapioca flour but kemplang dough made flat round then baked briefly.
6. Pempek
Pempek is the favorite food of the people of palembang. first made by an old china that combines tapioca starch and milled fish. there are different types of pempek. pempek has become a food that has been famous in the world into foods containing protein and high carbohydrate.

Palembang city is famous for its culinary tour. I suggest if friends visiting palembang try to taste culinary culinary diatsa and must very spoil the tongue of friends and gentlemen.

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