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Six The most Famous Indonesian Food


Nov 22, 2021
By. Awang Darmawan.S.Pd
Discussing about culinary.  Indonesia is a paradise for Food lovers of the world. Indonesian cuisine is influenced by various cultures such as India, Arab, China and Europe has become a dish that has its own taste and Because Indonesia is the world’s largest spice-producing country makes the cuisine of Indonesia has  various and different taste.
Indonesia is a big country that has many cultural differences, customs and customs of its people in the way of cooking. The abundant natural resources are two factors that make Indonesia a Heaven for culinary connoisseurs.
This article will discuss six Indonesian cuisines that has become famous in the world and gained recognition by the world.
Rendang Is a cuisine that comes from the province of western Sumatra and is the ancestral heritage of Minangkabau tribe.Rendang is made from fresh beef which is boiled in coconut milk and added with special flavor. Rendang has spread to all parts of Indonesia and become famous Culinary around the world.

Satay Or satay is a typical Indonesian food that has been famous all over the world. Sate is made from Beef, Chicken, Goat or Duck which is diced and pierced with small bamboo then baked. usually satay served with peanut sauce and Lontong. Sate is a cultural heritage of the Javanese tribe in Java Island
Pecel is Food that also comes from Java. Pecel is made from various mixture of vegetables like Long beans, Sawi, Kangkung, Spinach and Cucumber. mixed vegetables are watered peanut sauce and then added crackers and Fried Tahu. The world calls it Indonesian’s Salad and has been served in various world-class luxury restaurants as Vegetarian’s favorite menu.
Tempe is the world’s most recognized food as the healthiest food. tempe is a recipe for the inheritance of the ancient ancestors of the Indonesian Nation. Tempe made from Fermentation Soya beans are given yeast to create good bacteria useful in the process of making tempe. tempe into a food that is widely studied by the international world even outside the country of expensive tempe.


Pempek is a food that comes from the city of Palembang. according to pempek history was first made by an old man of China in the city of Palembang in the 16th century. Pempek Made from Mixed Flour and Sea Fish and Usually served with Vinegar Sauce. Pempek now has become a meal known by the people of Indonesia and the world because it contains lots of protein and carbohydrates.

6. Nasi Goreng
It’s not hard to find this one. you can find fried rice along the road in big cities in Indonesia. The main ingredients are fried rice then mixed with a distinctive spice and served with scrambled eggs and prawn crackers. Nasi Goreng is one of the best food in the world and recognized by the world.

Let’s visit Indonesia. Enjoy a diverse Indonesian culture. enjoy cultural tourism, Culinary, Nature and Hospitality

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