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The Greatest Kayaking Event In the world International Kayak Marathon Belitong Indonesia 2018


Nov 12, 2021
Belitong Geopark began to squirm. This destination will release Belitong Geopark International Kayak Marathon (BGIKM) 2018, 27-29 July. This event will be followed by six countries from three continents. Unesco Global Geopark’s status was ogled by Belitong Geopark in 2019 
BGIKM will present the thrill of marathon kayak contest with exotic venue. Held for three days, the location of this event is in Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung. In addition to the host Indonesia, countries that take part are Malaysia, Singapore, and India, New Zealand, Trinidad, and Tobago. The event becomes more special, because the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti will be present.
Minister of Tourism (Menpar) Arief Yahya revealed, BGIKM is an extraordinary event. “BGIKM is a great event. The number of participants is numerous and from various countries. Make sure this event is not missed because it is very interesting and challenging. We also appreciate that this event has great commercial values. Usually areas with many events like this have higher per capita inkam, “said Menpar, Sunday (1/7).
BGIKM at least followed by 58 participants. They will fall in three different categories. For the K1-21KM category will be followed by 27 names. Details, 22 names from Indonesia to 2 participants from Malaysia. Each participant came from Trinidad and Tobago, New Zealand, also India.
For the K2-21KM category, the race will be followed by 12 teams. Each team consists of 2 people. They consist of 8 teams from Indonesia, then 4 teams from Malaysia. Special for Stand Up Paddle category will be followed by 7 names all of which are local.

Indonesia Minister of  Tourism  added, rowing activities using kayaking became an effective way to enjoy the exotic marine tourism. “The categories that are contested become a challenge in itself. What is clear, using kayaks to be the best way to enjoy the atmosphere. Therefore, the coastline panorama is very beautiful. Special Belitong, the spot here is very unique with the characteristic of granite rocks are large. This condition gives its own sensation. Rowing is also quite easy to do, “said Menpar again.
Kayak essentially can be learned instantly. Does not require special skills. Simply have basic swimming skills and a little balance in kayaking. BGIKM will compare kayak with Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) technique. That is a rowing technique while standing
.This event will also invite the public to recognize marine tourism destinations in Belitong. This activity will be followed by 120 participants with various backgrounds. There are also foreign participants such as from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, to the Czech Republic. Who are interested to know Belitong marine tourism destination, can find information on 0811183165 or 081284843369.
“This event has great potential. The value of commrcial tourism event is strong. We are optimistic Belitong Geopark International Kayak Marathon will attract many foreign tourists visit. If this happens, the end is still the people of Belitong and its prosperous surroundings, “explained Minister again.
Region of Bangka Belitung province is indeed a potential destination for foreign tourists. Throughout February 2018, the number of tourist visits increased by 35.35 percent. The real number is 804 foreign tourists.
This amount is greater than January which reached 594 people. The impact of hotel occupancy rate rose 3.22 points. Governor of Bangka Belitung Erzaldi Roslan explained, BGIKM aimed at the tourists and wisnus.
“This event is part of branding tourism here. We hope the number of visits of foreign tourists and wisnus continues to rise. Because, there are many destinations with an exotic view here. In addition, we also expect citizens participation here to be more love and maintain the environment, “he concluded.

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