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The Lost World Found in South Sumatera


Aug 17, 2022
Indonesia has many natural and artificial lakes. Not only the lake with blue or green water, there is also a lake whose water color is not unusual. One of the unique lake is Lake Pagar Alam. The color of the red water resembles the blood turns out to have its own mystery.
Discovered in 2010
Lake area of ​​six hectares is located in the forest around Raje Mandare, Kaur Border District, Bengkulu Province with the City of Pagar Alam, South Sumatra. Lake Pagar Alam is often called by the name of Red Lake Rimba Candi. This area was first discovered in 2010 by a group of citizens who are doing an expedition to the forest and forest Rimba Candi.
The area of ​​Rimba Candi is believed to be the first temple area in Sumatra. This is confirmed by the discovery of remnants of temple-like buildings in this region. Then came Kyai Subroto along with a group that wanted to spread Islam. However, the local people denied the arrival of Kyai Subroto, even the resistance. The emergence of a blood lake is said to be closely related to the story of Kyai Subroto although not yet ascertained the truth.
Privileges of Red Lake
The color of the water in this lake is really red like blood. “But strangely, even when viewed from a red surface, but when water is taken by hand, it is raised to the surface, it is the same color, clear and clear,” said Asmidi, a local resident who once came to the site. Another strange thing is the smell of pandanus that smells at night.
Giant animal in Raje Mandare
Not only Red Lake that holds a mystery. Raje Mandare area also has a number of giant animals. Residents have found centipedes with a length of 50 centimeters and 30 centimeters wide, a giant bird of an unknown type, and a buffalo in his ear contained a beehive.
Miraculously again, these animals are quite tame and not afraid of humans. Like a pet at home. Condition, you should not make a sound or speak when approached by these animals so they do not run.
The trees in Raje Mandare forest have their own arrangement. When the tree grows in the area of ​​Pagar Alam, it grows tilted to Pagar Alam. Meanwhile, when growing in Bengkulu, then the trees will be tilted towards Bengkulu, or opposite to the direction of trees in Pagar Alam.
Head to Red Lake
Access to Red Lake is quite difficult because no vehicles can reach this location. You need extra equipment and good physical condition before embarking on an adventure towards Red Lake. The reason, Red Lake can only be reached by walking for 1 – 2 days, depending on physical conditions and also the weather.
You can start the adventure from Pagar Alam city by using motorcycle taxi or motorbike hire to Rimba Candi Village, Candi Jaya Village, Dempo Selatan District. After arriving in the village of Rimba Candi, you will walk through hills and forests.
Along the way, you can see the remains of the buildings believed to be a temple and also a gateway to an old kingdom that is said to be the Kingdom of Srivijaya.
After going through the hills and forest of Rimba Candi, you will go to Raja Mandare area where Red Lake is located. This journey is quite difficult and tiring. However, the charm of Red Lake attracts many tourists to keep visiting it.
The last condition
According to information compiled from various sources, Red Lake is now different from its original found state. The water began to shrink and only the amount of water buffalo pools remaining.
In addition, the area around the lake began to overgrown with bushes. Until now the local government still can not reveal the mystery of Red Lake and Raje Mandare area because of constrained funds.

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