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Three Beautiful Traditional Indonesian Clothes


Apr 23, 2022
By: Awang Darmawan, S.Pd
Cloth is the work of humanity that exists throughout the world culture. But Culture Asia and Africa is the one that produces many woven art or batik art in the world. Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest weaving culture in the world. let’s discuss three traditional fabrics that are the work of Indonesian culture. Indonesian woven fabric has a style that is rich in motifs, colors and philosophy in it.

1. Batik

Batik is the most famous cloth work from Indonesia. The Javanese in Java is the first to create Batik. A fabric is processed by painting using a candle and has a motif that has a philosophical meaning. Batik making or making batik cloth is found in Central Java, YogyaKarta and East Java. The most famous batik is batik Pekalongan and Solo Batik.
The following type of batik motif batik Batik solo
Batik Keraton 
Batik Kawung
Batik Sekarjagad
Batik Megamendung
Batik Kawung 
Batik Pekalongan
Batik Solo
Batik Sidomukti Magetan

In the process of making batik there is a philosophical meaning of patience and thoroughness in each motive. Batik Has become a world heritage.

2. Songket Palembang

Songket Palembang
Songket Palembang Is a woven art that was introduced by Palembang tribe in South Sumatera Province. one Songket is usually woven within 5 months Even 1 year stood the type of motif and pattern. in contrast to the Palembang Songket batik worn during traditional events such as weddings and ceremonies. Palembang Songket is usually woven using gold-plated and red thread. The following types of songket Songket lepus cloth
Songket tawur
Songket tretes
Songket bungo pacik
Songket Limar

3. Batak Ulos
Ulos Batak 
Batak Ulos is a woven fabric made and preserved by Batak tribe in north sumatera. Ulos is usually red and black. Ulos is a cloth that must be owned by batak tribe and used during big custom event. Ulos can be made By from the coast of Lake Toba. Ulos has a variety of types and has its own philosophical value.
 The following types of types of Ulos:
1. Ulos Antakantak
2. Ulos Bintang Maratur
3. Ulos Bolean
4. Ulos Mangiring
5. Ulos Padang Ursa and Ulos Pinan Lobu-lobu
6. Ulos Pinuncaan
7. Ulos Yeast Hotang
8. Ulos Yeast Huting
9. Ulos Sibolang Rasta Pamontari
10. Ulos The flowers of Umbasang and Ulos Simpar
11. Ulos Sitolu Tuho
12. Ulos Suri-suri Ganjang
13. Ulos Simarinjam side
14. Ulos Ragi Pakko and Ulos Harangan
15. Ulos Tumtuman
16. Ulos Tutur-Tuturulos
Now not only
shaped cloth but can also be shaped bags, Hats, ties to tablecloths.

Let’s visit Indonesia to enjoy the diversity of culture and natural beauty.

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