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Three Domestic Fruits Indonesia that You Can not Find anywhere


Dec 1, 2022
By: Awang Darmawan, S.Pd
Indonesia is a tropical country rich in Earth’s produce. Agriculture became the main Commodity Indonesia. you can find a large rice field on the main road. Many plantation products make the people prosperous and prosperous. Indeed, the State of the Tropical Country has various kinds of fruits.
Indonesia also has many types of fruits that can only be found in Indonesia. These fruits have a delicious taste and become a prima donna among the people of Indonesia. But these fruits are not widely known in the international world. The following fruit is only available in Indonesia.

1. Durian or Duren

Durian or Duren is a fruits that only exist and grow in West Indonesia or precisely the island of Sumatra. Appearance This fruit is very creepy. This round-shaped fruit coated by sharp spikes makes people think before tasting this fruit. but behind the spooky looks of this fruit has a high taste and a fruit with a high price in the market. Durian is a seasonal fruit. You can find these fruits in some local fruit markets, on the side of the highway or even in the big Supermarket. Try this fruit before you die because it can be said this fruit is the most delicious fruit in the World.

2. Rambutan
Rambutan Is a fruity that can grow in all parts of Indonesia. The fruit is like a fruit lychee but the fruit is coated by a furry skin and red. Rambutan fruit can be found in various markets in Indonesia both Traditional and Modern Supermarket markets. The fruit is sold per kilo and can also be made sweets or even a mixture of syrup.
A Man is harvesting Rambutan Fruit

3. Duku
Duku is a type of fruits that can only grow in some areas of Indonesia, especially Sumatra Island, Java and Kalimantan. The fruit is round and tan-colored and has a mysterious and inexplicable sweet taste. duku fruit can easily be found in the territory of Indonesia.

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