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Three Famous Indonesian’s Snack


Apr 21, 2022
By: Awang Darmawan.
Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Pizza so delicious European food. Likewise the people of Indonesia. if you visit Indonesia you will very easily find this food on the edge of town street, Cafe or Restaurant. Indonesia is well known as a culinary paradise. Cooking culture and creating food ideas are the main factors driving the diversity of food and recipe recipes. Snacks or snacks you can get if visiting Indonesia. lots of street hawker that you can enjoy in all regions in Indonesia.
1. Fried Banana
2. Pempek
3. Martabak

1. Pisang Goreng 
Pisang Goreng in English Named Fried Banana Is a snack of Indonesian society. Because Indonesia is a tropical country and many Grow banana trees are fertile. Fried Banana into Favorite food and easily available in all parts of Indonesia.
Fried Banana
 All Indonesians like this from small people to state officials. Fried Bananas can be found in various places in Indonesia. In small roadside stalls, Cafe and Even Restauran famous. Nowadays various types of fried bananas appear for example Banana Fried Cheese, Banana Molen, Chocolate Banana. and still many types. Pisang Goreng usually served with Coffee as a midday snack.

2. Pempek
Pempek is a traditional food from Palembang city of South Sumatra. But now pempek has become a favorite food of the people of Indonesia. Pempek made from sago flour dough and milled fish then boiled and fried. pempek usually served with Cuko sauce. Pempek has many types of Pempek Telok, Pempek Kriting, Pempek Kates Pempek bakang and many others. Pempek can be found in various places throughout Indonesia, especially Jakarta and Palembang. These foods contain high carbohydrate and high protein.

3. Martabak
Martabak is a Typical Snack of Indonesia which is a food you can find in Indonesia. martabak Made from Mixture of egg dough and Wheat flour in baking in a baking sheet and then given topping usually bean, Chocolate or Cheese. Martabak you can meet on the roadside urban areas in Indonesia even Martabak can be found in restaurants and cafes. martabak usually served at night while enjoying the end of the day at home with family.
Martabakl Terang Bulan

Let’s Go To Indonesia Enjoy all the diversity of the Culture. Explore its natural beauty and do not forget Cicicpi all its culinary. Let’s visit Indonesia.

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