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Three Great Holiday Celebrated by Indonesian


Nov 7, 2022
By. Awang Darmawan, S.Pd
Indonesia is a country with the third largest population in the world making Indonesia has different cultural configurations. The influence of foreign culture and religion became the factor that made Indonesia become very rich in cultural treasures. The influence of Religion has established a religious society and practices religious ritual rituals. Similarly, modern globalization culture has given color to Indonesian community activities. Here is a celebration of the big day celebrated by Indonesian people.
1. Lebaran

Lebaran is a Religious Celebration. Lebaran is another word of Eid al-Fitr which is Holiday of Muslim Around the world. What we know is that Indonesia is a country that has the largest population of Muslims in the world and is celebrated by many Muslims throughout Indonesia. before celebrating Lebaran Muslims fasting in Ramadan for one month. Eid also followed by “Mudik” activity. when Lebaran Indonesian people visit relatives. Lebaran was celebrated on a large scale and the government held a national holiday for about a week.

2. New Year

New Year Is a celebration of modern man all over the world. All countries that use the Christian Date system will celebrate New Year’s Feast. In New Year’s Indonesia biasnya combined with Christmas. All the people celebrate New Year in all corners of the city. New year’s celebration rituals are usually performed just like the people of the world. starting from gathering in the town square to the fireworks party at the turn of the year.
There are also some people celebrate in a more religious way of praying at home or in places of worship. Because the new year celebrations are held in conjunction with Christmas Day, the community usually gather to enjoy their respective events and gather with the Family.

3. Tujuh Belasan

Tujuh Belasan  are Indonesian Independence Celebrations. Since the independence of the Republic of Indonesia is derived from a long Physical Struggle Process, it is natural that the Indonesian nation celebrate their nation’s independence royally and luxuriously. The celebration of Tujuh belasan is celebrated on the 17th of August every year and after the 17th of August. The Feast of Tujuh Belasan is preceded by an Annual Ceremony involving all Parties such as Military, Civil, Parliament. The ceremony is filled by raising a red and white flag by Paskibraka or the flag raising troop. 
After the ceremony Tujuh Belasan Events Usually filled with various races for example Climbing Pinang, Sack Racing, eating Crackers Music Performance, Performing Arts and Carnival. For Carnival Usually implemented by local government respectively and followed by many participants from various circles. Usually Students from all schools are required to display their Talents. Carnaval is filled by  Drum band, Customs Cloth and Dance Arts. The government deliberately dismissed the people enthusiastically watching the show of the Tujuh Belasan.
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