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Three Indonesian’S Traditional Beverages, You Must Drink.


Dec 29, 2022
By : Awang Darmawan
Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth. The crops from the plantation become the greatest treasure of the Indonesian nation. With creative human resources and able to process the results of plantations into 0lahan food and beverages. these two things have presented many creations in the culinary field.
If you visit Indonesia you will find a lot of Indonesian daily drinks that are not owned by other nations. Prescription Drinks Indonesian people have existed thousands of years ago and have been tested by the era of the efficacy and taste. Three typical Indonesian drinks are Jamu, Bandrek and Wedang Jahe
1. Jamu
Jamu is actually a genuine medicinal herb typical Java Society. Herbal Recipe comes from ancestor of ancestor of Java tribe in Java Island hundreds of years ago but Jamu not only consumed by Java community but also society all over Indonesia.
A Woman usually sells Jamu around residence
Jamu Made from spices such as Turmeric, Ginger, Chili Puyang, kencur and many more. There are also several types of herbs made from Animal Material such as Goat Bile, Snake Cobra Bile and even Crocodile Tangkur. Jamu processed in various ways can be boiled, pounded and squeezed. Herbs are usually sold in Kiosks in the market or the most famous of herbal packs or herbs are sold using a basket that is carried around the village by the mother of the seller Jamu. For those of you who want to taste Jamu. do not be surprised because herbal medicine has a bad taste even bitter but has real benefits for the health of the human body.

2. Bandrek
Bandrek is a typical drink of Indonesia originating from Sundanese culture or western Java. Bandrek is served to keep the body warm in cold weather when it rains or at night. Bandrek made from a mixture of Water, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemongrass and Palm Sugar. when a mixture of bandrek has been maturely mixed with milk. Bandrek is usually served with Fried, Peanut Rebus and Ubi.

3. Wedang Ginger
Bandrek is from East Java
Wedang Ginger is the same Beverage as Bandrek that serves to warm the body. This drink is Traditional drink of East Java society but has spread to become a favorite drink of society all over Indonesia. This drink is made from fresh ginger slices, java sugar or rock sugar mixed into hot water. Now Wedang Ginger is made into a powder that is ready to be brewed instantly and sold on the roadside you can find Wedang Ginger in some coffee shops or even in famous restaurants.
Visit Indonesia. Explore the beauty of Nature, Enjoy the culinary feel the hospitality of the people

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