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Three Languages Learnt by Indonesian


Dec 16, 2022

by: Awang Darmawan, S.Pd

The Indonesian nation is a great nation in quantity and quality. Indonesian people become part of the progress of the world community. learning a language is one way to develop the association of the nation.


English is the language most studied by Indonesians and is the main foreign language that is studied and incorporated into the National Education curriculum of the State of Indonesia.

2. Arabic

Given the Indonesian Society is the largest Muslim country in the world and the Arabic as the language used in the Holy Book of Islam. These two factors make Arabic Language Learning Society of Indonesia and become Compulsory Lesson in Pesantren, Madrasah and Islamic Higher Education.

3. Mandarin

The number of Chinese Communities in Indonesia and Interactions The economic relations of the Chinese nation to Indonesian make Mandarin a Language learned by Indonesians. Even it has been included in the local subject subjects at school schools in Indonesia.

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