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Three Myths of Sumatera Island


Jan 24, 2022
By. Awang Darmawan, S.Pd 
The island of Sumatra is a westernmost island owned by the state of Indonesia. The island of Sumatra is a rich island with abundant natural resources and diverse cultures. but this island has many mysteries related to ancient human civilization. here are some of the world’s literature on the island of Sumatra.
1. Adam’s Land

Shaykh yusuf tajul khalwati mentions in his Book entitled “the inhabitants of the earth before us” that the Prophet Adam was revealed to the world first in a place that has the same conditions as in Heaven.

If we compare the geographical conditions and Indonesia with the geographical and eczema conditions of the middle eastern regions that tend to heat and cold climate in the plains of Europe. it can be justified the hypothesis of the shaykh yusuf tajul khalwati who said that Sumatra is where the Prophet Adam first came down to Earth.

2. The kingdom of Giant Ravana
surely a friend of a friend knows an epic story called Ramayanan. The story depicts the romance of a King of Rama who struggles to regain the beloved Shinta Goddess who has been abducted by an evil giant named Ravana. In the story is told Rahwana kidnap the goddess Shinta and and bring it to the Kingdom of Rahwana which is on the island of swarna dwipa. the meaning of the word dwipa swarna in sanskrit means an island in southeastern India that is rich in natural products. Swarna dwipa is another name of Sumatra island in sangsekerta language.

3. The capital of Atlantis

If You ever read a controversial book writen by Professor Do Santos entitled atlantis where Dos Santospointed out emphatically that Indonesia is a lost Atlantis and was once the center of ancient world civilization. this theory of santos refers to the writings of Ancient Greek Philosophers Plato telling the geographical state of the atlantis and according to do santos very similar to the geographical situation of Indonesia. He clearly states that the capital of atlantis is located between Mount Krakatau in Lampung Province and Mount Dempo in southern Sumatra province.

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