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Three Popular Indonesian Traditional Dance


Jun 23, 2022
By: Awang Darmawan
Dance is a man-made art that turns the mind into a harmonious motion. Dance represents an action that can be a sense of gratitude, happiness, beauty and sadness. Dance has been around for thousands of years. Dance is influenced by the culture of a nation and the geographical location of a region.
Indonesia is a country that has many cultural customs. Each region in Indonesia has its own mind or culture respectively. So give birth Artwork is very diverse.
Talking About Traditional Dance art Indonesia is Expert. There are hundreds of types of dances that are born from the noble culture of Indonesia. Each region has its own distinctive dance. Each Tribe has its own distinctive Dance.  It Can be said That Indonesia is a country that has the most dance artwork in the World.
Here are three of the most famous Indonesian Traditional Dance in the World.

1. Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance is a Balinese Traditional Dance. This dance is done by Dozens of men sitting making a circle and circling the dancers who wear custom costumes and using a fan while dancing in the middle The men say the word “Cak” follow the rhythm of the gamelan that accompanies the dancer. This dance tells the Epic Ramayana that is told through the movements of the dancers. You can watch this when you visit the island of Bali.

2. Reog Ponorogo Dance

Reog Ponorogo dance is the art of Javanese tribal dance in the province of East Java. Reog is a dance that is thick with the mystical culture of coastal communities of Java. There are two forms of this dance namely Reog and Jatilan. Reog is a big and scary statue of the Lion’s head. while Jatilan is a couple of dancers who rode a toy horse made of cowhide. According to the story of Reog originated from the Majapahit Kingdom as the performing arts created by Ki Ageng Kutu to insinuate King Majapahit then that is Kertabhumi who has arbitrary against the people. You can watch this reog dance performance in several places in Indonesia but you can see reog art show at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
3. Saman Dance

Saman Dance is a Traditional Dance of the Acehnese Community Especially the Gayo tribe located in the Gayo Highlands of Aceh. Saman Dance name comes from the name of the creator of the dance is an Islamic religious leader named Shaykh Saman. This dance is played by dozens of people who sit lined up neatly and straight while chanting sholawat prophet and his dywah da’wah in Aceh gayo language. What makes this Unique Dance is the simple movement that many dancers play quickly and Compactly. Even Saman Dance has been set by UNESCO as the world Cultural heritage. Saman Dance Usually shown on big day day and big event of state.
Let’s Go To Indonesia. Indonesia is a paradise of art and creativity of mankind. Explore the culture. Enjoy its natural beauty and culinary delight.

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