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Three Unique Indonesia Lake


Nov 23, 2021
By. Awang Darmawan. S.Pd
Indonesia is a country with natural beauty that has been famous all over the world. A tropical paradise located on the equator. With Tropical Rainforest and Sunlight that shine all day long make Indonesia Territory beautiful in the eyes. You can choose yourself some natural attractions that can make the mind calm and happy heart. Indonesia has a beach tour that for tourists is often used as a place Sun Bathing and even Surfing. Cultural Tour presents the customs and rituals of local culture that you can only find in Indonesia. Culinary Tour of the best and largest in the world where you can enjoy thousands of local recipes that compose your view of Culinary. You can try Cycling, Tracking,  Cross Country, Hiking and Camping in Indonesian Hills and some natural tourist spots in Indonesia.
Lake is a natural tourism object that can make you relax and relax. You can do Fishing, Swimming, Camping and Tracking activities. Lake Indonesia is famous for its beauty and becomes the natural spot of photography of the world. not only presents the natural beauty but there is also the uniqueness behind the lake lake. Here are Three Unique Lakes In Indonesia.
1. Lake Toba

Lake Toba is located in the western part of Sumatera Island Indonesia precisely in North Sumatra Province. Distance from Medan to Lake Toba about 4.5 hours using Private car. This lake has a length of about 100 Kilometers and a width of 30 Kilometers with a depth of about 505 Meters. Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world that is the result of the explosion of Mount Toba thousands of years ago. This lake is the Caldera of the Three mountains that erupted so that this Caldera to accommodate the rain water finally created the lake Toba now. In the middle of the lake there is an island called samosir island.
Not only Lake Toba which became the main tourist attraction. Around the lake there are also some tourist attractions such as the beautiful Simalem Park and facing directly to the Lake. the charm of indigenous culture of batak in samosir islands, the beauty of waterfall Binangalom and Efrata, Toba Paguguran hot springs and many more. The most important is the citizens here are very friendly towards local and foreign tourists.

2. Lake Kelimutu

Lake Kelimutu is located on the island of Flores east Nusa Tenggara Province or located in the southeast of Indonesia. This lake is a volcano crater from the mountain Kelimutu. The unique of this lake are three lakes that have different water colors. Tiwu nuwa is bright green, Tiwu Ata Polo is black and Tiwu atabbu colored Green Tosca is the third name of the lake. according to the myth of the local community this lake is the Hereafter for the spirits of the dead. behind the myth of the beauty of nature in this lake is very pampering the eyes and can be used as an exotic Photography objects nuances of nature. Around this lake is Conservation Forest owned by the Indonesian government which has various species of plants endemic to the island of Flores. you can also enjoy Sunset and Sunrise at this lake pinggi.

3. Labuan Cermin Lake

Labuan Cermin Lake is located in Berau District, East Kalimantan, Kalimantan Island. The Unique of the Lake This is the color of the lake is very clear like glass glass so that when you are on the boat and take photos as if by you are flying. This lake has a different color wang dipinggir lake bright green water while the middle of the lake water is bright blue. The water also has a different flavor Above Flavor Water becomes tasteless while under the water tastes salty. You can swim, Boating and Snorkeling in this lake. Usually Also the tourists make the lake Labuan Mirror as Spot Photography. To get to this lake you first arrive at Kalimarau airport Berau regency then to lake Labuan Cermin by Car.
Visit Indonesia to enjoy the beauty of nature and its natural exotic.

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