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Three Unique Nature Phenomenon From Sumatera Island


Dec 22, 2022
By. Awang Darmawan, S.Pd
Sumatra Island is located on the western side of the archipelago of Indonesia archipelago. The island of Sumatra consists of eight Provinces and is populated by the Malay Tribe. The Malays have lived on this island for centuries, creating many unique cultural results. The island of Sumatera has abundant natural resources for example in the mining of the island producing Petroleum, Coal, Lead, Natural Gas, Gold and Geothermal. In the field of Plantation and Agriculture There are also many examples of rubber, Palm, Coffee, Cassava, Tea and Rice. natural resources are utilized in such a way as to be able to support the economy of the State of Indonesia.
The island of Sumatra also stores some natural phenomena that only you can meet on this island. Here are some natural phenomena of Sumatra Island.
1. Bono River waves

Normally Waves exist only in the Oceans. A natural anomaly occurs in Kampar River and Rokan River Pelalawan District of Riau Province. Waves Bono Is Waves that move from the upstream of Kampar and Rokan River to test its downstream in the Malacca Strait. Waves Bono b8sa reaches 5 meters altitude.
The Rokan River and Kampar River are located in Riau Province about 3 hours away from Jakarta using the plane. The waves of Bono become Famous because the Waves are considered an anomaly by the scientists. The source of this Ombak is still a mystery and there is no scientific evidence why this Wave happened. But some parties speculate that Ombak Bono Happened Alibat meeting Two River Flow to produce Bono Waves. This waves Occurred around November to December or at the height of the rainy season due to high water debit.
Bono Waves utilized by overseas or domestic tourists to surf above Bono Waves.

2. Primitive Man of Aceh
Mid Year 2017 Then the World was surprised by a Video Uploaded a Youtube account named Fredography.
The excitement was caused by the video showing One group of dirt bikers trekking through the Wilderness of Aceh Province. The Motorcycle riders accidentally encountered a humanoid figure who berpostur small body about 60 Cm but Walk Upright and carry the Staff in the Middle Forest. The Riders pursue the creature but the creature can run fast and enter the bushes of the bush.
Many public states that the creature is not a Ghost or a supernatural being. The creature is Mante Man. Mante Man is a Primitive Proto-Malay Living Man Primatively in the forest of Sumatra, especially the province of Aceh.

3. Raflesia Flower
Raflesia’s flower is the greatest flower on Earth. Raflesia flowers can grow up to 100 cm wide and 50 cm high. This Flower-shaped Bowl is surrounded by a Crown. This flower is dark red. Despite having a beautiful appearance, however, this flower spread a bad smell. It can not be ascertained when this flower blooms. Some Orang Asli say that this flower blooms around the end of the year especially in the rainy season.
Raflesia flowers exist only in Indonesia precisely in the province of Bengkulu Island of Sumatra Indonesia. You can use the plane from Jakarta to Kota Bengkulu for about four hours. Raflesia flower found by researchers named Arnold and led by the British governor for the Eastern colony Namely Sir Thomas Raffles in the 19th century that the name of the flower became Raflesia Arnoldi.
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