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Two grandest burial ceremonies in Indonesia


Jan 8, 2023
By: Awang Darmawan. S.Pd
The funeral is the process of burial of the deceased. This funeral process will have a Special Treatment with the purpose of honoring the deceased and remembering all the services of the dead during his lifetime. The treatment of the funeral event is different in every place because it is influenced by Culture, religion and Perspective of thinking of a tribe. As in various countries on the face of the earth many funerary processes are done for example Ancient Egyptian Culture that do the process of mumification against the dead as a final tribute. In India Its people usually sail ash corpses that have been burned into the Ganges River.
Indonesia also has a Funeral Ritual Process. in some areas In Indonesia there are many funeral rituals that are influenced by local customs respectively. Funeral rituals in Indonesia create a colorful culture. not only the burial ritual but also the pre and post-burial ceremonies. Funeral process in some areas In Indonesia not only takes a big cost but Time and Invites banya people in ritual.
Here are two of the largest funeral process in Indonesia

1. Ngaben
Ngaben is a funeral process that comes from Balinese Culture. Ngaben Tradition Derived from the Hindu religious tradition in which the Balinese people are predominantly Hindu. This funeral process is done by the process of burning bodies and Sail ashes to the sea.

Ngaben has a philosophical meaning that is spiritual
– Letting go of the inherent nature of the World.
– Return the body to the Earth as the owner.
– As the family Ngaben is the process of pengiklasan to the corpse.
as for the type of Ngaben ie.
– Ngaben Sawa Wedana is a funeral process where the corpse is directly burned after three days Died.
– Ngaben asti Wedana is a funeral Prosea where the body was buried for a year then burned.
– Private Namely Ngaben Process where not meilbatkan bodies because the bodies disappear or accident and the body can not be found.

– Upload is the process of Ngaben for the body that is a child who has not grown teeth.
– Wawah Kruron is the process of Ngaben for the body of the fetus who experienced miscarriage during pregnancy.
What makes this Unique Ngaben is the process of funeral rituals and ceremonies involving many People and Events decorated by Ornaments Balinese Hindu culture.

2. Rambu  Solo
Rambu Solo is a funeral ritual performed by the Toraja Tribe. Toraja tribe is a tribe that inhabits the Sulawesi mountains precisely in the District of Tana Toraja. Ritual Rambu solo has been done by the Toraja tribe since centuries ago. Ritual Rambu solo held from June to August. where the corpse of a long-dead person was put in a house called Tongkonan and treated like a living person because the body was not yet dead. Meanwhile, the families prepare the funeral equipment that takes time and funds are not small. What makes it Unique Is a body that has long been stored by the citizens then paraded all the way to the ceremony Rambu solo
Peak Ceremony is usually held in June and August in which all Toraja tribal people in perantaun are required to go home and witness the pickled signs of this Solo.
For ritual class society rambual Rambu Solo is also followed by the ritual Ma’tinggoro Tedong or slaughter of hundreds of buffalo and eaten together. Currently the local government and the central government have made the Rambu Solo event into an Annual Event that can be witnessed by all walks of life and foreign tourists.

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